Lost my religion @ six,
I think I’m losing my vision now, too.
At twenty-something
I cannot recognize the same faces anymore-
much less in the dark.
On a flickering subway train
the dishevelled man is playing the piano.

Well, it’s a keyboard on his lap.
Fur Elise;
over & over.

No one seems to care though…
All tuned out,
face-down in their screens.
How many times can you play angry birds,
before you actually turn into one?
My stop. [sketched picture of subway train]



I wonder how you cope in a world that’s a joke
In a city of smoke
With your lungs lunging to choke your throat

Take a vote on a boat with a coat of your choosing
Make it a spindle and fashion a noose-ring
Throw it over but attach to your nose-ring
Look to your left and imagine foreboding