Lost my religion @ six,
I think I’m losing my vision now, too.
At twenty-something
I cannot recognize the same faces anymore-
much less in the dark.
On a flickering subway train
the dishevelled man is playing the piano.

Well, it’s a keyboard on his lap.
Fur Elise;
over & over.

No one seems to care though…
All tuned out,
face-down in their screens.
How many times can you play angry birds,
before you actually turn into one?
My stop. [sketched picture of subway train]



I wonder how you cope in a world that’s a joke
In a city of smoke
With your lungs lunging to choke your throat

Take a vote on a boat with a coat of your choosing
Make it a spindle and fashion a noose-ring
Throw it over but attach to your nose-ring
Look to your left and imagine foreboding

a sleeping place
for sleeping peace
a sleeping pace
you jerk your feet

awake and then asleep
a fever dream is but to weep
a sleepy game and yet we meet
missing name and face and street

I sleep awake I walk asleep
I talk to none and yet repeat
I sleep awake I walk asleep
I talk to none and yet repeat


This experimental piece makes every word follow a consecutive alphabetical sequence from A-Z.


Always be careful darling. Everyone faces glazed humans in jaded kmarts. Loosen my noose or please quit resisting so. Talk up very weary xenophobes you’re zionists at best. Cut drapes early fucking glutton. Haven’t I just kissed like Mary? Naked omission pretends quickly / rare sweat tastes unbecoming. Violent waste. Xerox yesterday’s zest and bastard’s chest. Date each fake guy. Hate intimacy. Joke kind lessons maybe not original… profiling quietly, run steady! Tip us vipers wearing xu’s yellow zippers. A bitch can’t dance enough for ghosts. How it jests Kanye low. Might not open politely, quite right site-type. Under verandas we’re Xena. Yes, zeniths await blessed child. Don’t ever forget. Go home. I’m just killing light most nights. Or promoting quick rapid silence. Unintelligible vocations while Xanax zips around. Besides, christ did enough for god. Hell, I jeopardize kings. Lame men; no offence. “Queer Rights!”. Sending texts upward veering west. x your zombies, and be careful darling.

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