I’m living in a city of glass.
Some of it’s broken and stepped on,
and some people are just as fragile.

Have to make this doctor’s appt
In another glass container
housing the equivalent
of a small town
in the daytime.

Empty glass
illuminated all night.

A security guard walks onto the train.
Looks fresh off the night shift.
What? 10? 12 hours at a time?

5’oclock shadows at 9 a.m.,
he falls directly asleep.
His head,
resting on a pillow of public glass.

I gloss over the trainspeople, advertisements, yawns.
Tapping glass until the blackness passes.

My stop.


Lost my religion @ six,
I think I’m losing my vision now, too.
At twenty-something
I cannot recognize the same faces anymore-
much less in the dark.
On a flickering subway train
the dishevelled man is playing the piano.

Well, it’s a keyboard on his lap.
Fur Elise;
over & over.

No one seems to care though…
All tuned out,
face-down in their screens.
How many times can you play angry birds,
before you actually turn into one?
My stop. [sketched picture of subway train]