my dreams lately
have been nightmares
of many different scenes
parading my fears:
the things I’ve left behind and
those I desperately want back.

The tree’s black,
The gun jams,
And the tea is cold.

I’m un-old yet
You can wrinkle the sheets
Before they’re set down.
A west dawn is seen from my friend’s lawn of green
Because I for bed long

To dream. My new home—
The first night?
I saw monsters.

It’s not haunted!
I believe it’s just costume.

I’m now accustomed to life unabridged
The lost ones got crossed up
Turnt beggars on the bridge.

Your prison?
your mind in a cage
especially when it thinks it’s on a stage.

Lo! It’s in a maze
trying to get out of the centre island
You’ve made in your head.

And that’s your image; your self.
It’s being projected on a screen.
At least, that’s what I see.
It seems unaware and static-y.

Stay sane,
Stay happy,
I love you.


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