COVER                        CLOVERS

OVER                          ROSES

LOSER’S                    LOVER’S

CLOSURE                   FOCUS

COVER                       CLOVERS

OVER                          ROSES

COVER                       CLOVERS

OVER                         ORCHIDS

LOVER’S                     PHENOM

LOSER                        FORLORN

MUSE’S                      OTHER

MUTANT                    AUTHOR

KNOWING                 MASKING

NOT                            GHOSTS

SAFETY                      BREAKING

LOST                          HOPE

CHANNEL                  MAKING

PANIC                        FLOWERS

WINDOW                   FULL OF

MANIC                       FIRE

LOVE IS                      SOBER

OVER                          WISHES

GROWING                  CONSTANT

COLD                          MISSING

LISTEN                       HEADACHE

LESSEN                      BEDACHE

PRESSURE                 REDFACE

TENSION                   CRYING

BABY                          LISTING

YOUNG ONE              LESSON

RUNNING                   SESSION’S

UNDONE                    OVER

FOLDING                    LOOK

WORRY                      WHAT I CAN

INTO                          DO WHEN

COOKING                   WORKING

SEARCHING?                     CANCEL

FOUND YOU.                     EVERYTHING

I WAS,                                ABSENT

WRONG.                            MOM

PLASTIC                            PUT YOUR

CALM                                 SORROWS

SPASTIC                            INTO

HEART                               ART

TMRW                               ONE DAY

TMRW                               I WANTED TO

I’LL C U                             BECOME

SOMEDAY                         ALL DAYS.

HOVER                              THROW HER

OVER                                 ROSES,

LOSER’S                            MAKE THEM

CLOSURE                          NOTICE


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