total = happiness

Add new friend smile

Add new friend’s friend smile

Subtract water

Subtract clean

add pizza smile

subtract goal

add hole smile

add impulse smile

subtract commitment

subtract shame

add snooze smile

subtract priority

add new friend smile

subtract anxiety

add façade smile

subtract money

subtract health

add greed smile

add reminder smile

subtract memory

add new friend smile

subtract care

add self-consciousness smile

add new idea smile

add new phone number smile

subtract old friend

subtract familiarity

add fashion smile

add to wishlist smile

add to cart smile

subtract money

add youth smile

add late night smile

subtract date night

subtract feeling

add addiction smile

subtract deadline

add headline smile

add newest friend smile

subtract battery

add update smile

add advertisement smile

add commodity smile

subtract money

add co-sign smile

subtract self

become commodity smile

total = new happiness worry

total = happiness

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